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Psychotherapist Brisbane - Professional Help With Depression and Anxiety

Hi, I am  Janet, I am a qualified psychotherapist and registered rehabilitation counsellor with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology  graduating with honours and Specialising in the Prevention and Treatment of Addictions and Master in Human Resources Management. I have eleven years of experience offering psychotherapy and treatment for problems relating to mental health, gambling, alcohol and others drugs. In addition, I am experienced in the following areas:
  • Provide treatment and support to people with extremely complex life issues and who present with at risk behaviours. 
  • Provide a range of counselling/ psychotherapy interventions to families and clients.
  • Increase their capacity to effectively manage the problems clients are experiencing associated with AOD and gambling.
  • Facilitate family support programs
  • Couple therapy,group therapy, individual counselling
  • Conduct assessments and high level written reporting.
  • Planning, coordinating and monitoring implementation of programs including complex case management same and new employer, avocation and job seeking programs
  • Knowledge and relevant experience in family casework
My work gives me great personal satisfaction,  during our sessions I promote safety, trust, empathy and confidentiality between myself and the patient. I am a results driven professional who's experience and knowledge lets me help you achieve your goals, or just helps you to find direction in your life.
I have worked with many people just like you, helped them deal with issues such as depression, addictions, disabilities, sexual abuse, domestic violence, anxiety, panic disorders, phobias, relationship problems, panic attack, eating disorders, parenting struggles and more.

I have experience working with adults and children with problems relating to mental health in Australia and overseas. I use therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy, rational emotive behaviour therapy,  acceptance and commitment therapy and solution-focused therapy. My treatment methods are tailored to each individual and my personal and professional experience shows me that they work.

I appreciate and understand the dynamic and impact of having an addiction, disability, experiencing injury or social disadvantage. I have worked with adults and teenagers, helping them to achieve occupational, personal and social goals.

I am passionate about animal welfare, human rights and the environment.  I am fluent in both English and Spanish.
  • My qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Psychology with honours  (UCSM - Peru)
  • Post Graduate Diploma focusing on the intervention of alcohol and other drugs. (UNAM - Mexico)
  • Addiction Specialty specialising in the treatment and prevention of addictions.  (CIJ CONADIC - Mexico)
  • Masters in  Management Human Resources. (CQU - Australia)
My overseas studies are recognised by The Australia Psychological Society (APS) Comparable to five years of study in Psychology completed in Australia and registration as rehabilitation counsellor with ASORC.​

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