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CBT therapy in Brisbane

Also know as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychotherapy or psychological intervention with a psychosocial approach. Ergo CBT studies at individuals taking into consideration the environment and the social aspects that exert big influence in the psyche and behaviors.
CBT therapy aims solve specific problems associated with specific mental disorders. Such as: 
·         Depression
·         Anxiety
·         Addictions
·         Eating disorders
·         Post-traumatic stress
·         Tics

CBT therapy – History and principle

An American psychiatrist named Aaron Beck invented the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the 60’s. Beck combined principles from the behavioral psychology and the cognitive psychology.  

One of most powerful principles that Beck discovered and is an essential guide for the CBT was the link that exists between thoughts and feelings.    

This thoughts and feelings links help the therapist to finds the thoughts responsible of difficulties and issues in the reality of client.

Automatic thoughts

A very important concept for the CBT is the automatic thoughts concept.

According to Beck automatic thoughts are a kind of thinking patterns. The automatic thoughts usually were wired in the mind of the person so many years ago (in the childhood) and are the source of the behavioral problems in the adulthood.  

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