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Acceptance and commitment therapy in brisbane

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a kind of psychological intervention or therapy that helps people to deal with all the problems related to the complexities of life and the human mind.
Consequently, the acceptance and commitment therapy is used to treat cases of people with terminal diseases, childhood traumas, or persons who suffered any kind of abuse. But ACT also may help adolescents deal with age-related conflicts and can be a good support to face the adversities and problems of adult life.
The ACT was founded by Steven Hayes a clinical psychologist who studied the clinical application of Behavior Analysis to different psychological and behavioral disorders such the anxiety and post-traumatic stress.

Acceptance and mindfulness

ACT is also related to all those philosophies that are based in the premise of “stay present”. So is easy find commons points with the Buddhism and the oriental philosophy. Especially in the in the insistence of total acceptance, detachment and the general belief that thoughts, memories and even more the feelings and attitudes derived from these are the cause of negative situations.
Mindfulness also have many similarities with the ACT, both are pragmatic and non intrusive methods of treat mental and behavioral issues. If you have a problem this may be treat with acceptance and commitment therapy and we can help you.

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