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The life in a relationship is more than mesmerizing. But despite all the positive and fulfilling things, a relationship is also a challenge.

A challenge designed to be faced by two.

Although from time to time it is necessary to face these challenges with the advice of a third party. And better if that third party adviser is a qualified professional like a therapist, counselor or psychologist, trained to give to the relationships members the best advice, in order to solve the particular situation or give tips that will lead to improve the relationship connection.

How to know when relationship counseling is necessary?

Countless relationships struggle unnecessarily with some kind of issue for long times, without knowing what to do for solve the issue or disagreement. Sometimes even without knowing where the problem is of what is the main cause.
If you and your life partner are facing the dilemma of receive professional counseling that is the best indicator that you need it.

Remember that a relationship if was founded based on love, respect, common beliefs and commitments is something value and it deserves any effort to heal every inconvenience that disturb the peace of the involved. Is you need assistance from a relationship counselor we can help you.

Marriage is a major commitment. It implies that husband and wife should think and act as one, respecting their differences and particularities. 

While is true that each married couple goes through difficult times, the marriage it’s not at all a completely can of worms. 

One of the biggest inconveniences that marriages go through is that they do not recognize that they have a problem and in the other hand couples are rarely willing to seek professional help that can provide them a solution or can change the negative situation.

How to know is marriage counseling is necessary?

Something is hard to recognize or admit that some situations, habits, and responses are direct signals of problems and a clear need for marriage counseling.
We know, it is difficult admin our own mistakes and faults. That’s why we share a series of elements that will help you to identify the need for an intervention of marriage counseling.
If you often complain, blame each other and argue, to the point of losing control (yelling, breaking things). If confidence and intimacy has been affect for the constants issues.  If there is no warmth in the communication and it has been limited you need urgently marriage counseling.

 Contact us, we can provide you with our professional marriage counseling service. 

The families are the foundations were all our society is grounded. It is true that all families are different. There’s no exact pattern or established role model about how a family should be.

Despite the fact that all the families are diverse all have things on common:
In example all the family members are affiliated by a kind of connecting link that can be affinity or consanguinity. And together, the family members ensure that can achieve their realization projects, like a family. Those projects may include having (or not having) children or any kind of common goal.

Also it’s true that in our society, the families are under a constant pressure. This pressure can resent the link between members and cause crisis.
Those difficult moments of crisis test the equanimity of all members. And even those family members who lead sometimes do not know what to do.

If your family are struggling with difficult situations a good choice is find a family counselor.
A family counselor is a professional who can help in any familiar situations:
  1. Conflict between parents and child
  2. Marriage conflicts
  3. Difficulties between siblings
  4. The loss of a family member

Is you are looking for professional assistance (family counseling, family therapy) contact us.

Depression is an emotional disorder that people can surfer with very different ranges of affliction. It is considered one of the most popular mental afflictions.
 It’s not surprising that depression it is also known as the XXI century disease.

Nowadays the people, especially the adults, male and female are exposed to many big sources of emotional pressure. This mental pressure cause negative reactions in the behavior, mood and thoughts of the affected.

This disease is characterized with these symptoms:
      ·    Low mood (sadness and emptiness).
  • Low self-esteem
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Insomnia.
  • Irritable and intolerant behaviors.
  • Anxiety.

How to treat depression?

Considering that this emotional disorder has many symptomatic levels treatments may vary from patient to other.

So according to the complexity of the illness some people may required medication and other just therapy. But the good news is that no matter how complex is the depression case, even the most deep cases can be treatable.

The most common cases are treated with psychotherapy especially cognitive behavioral psychotherapy.

Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy is recommended before medications drugs.
Is important avoid self medication nothing replace the opinion of and expert. If you, a family member or a closed friend have a case of depression contact us we can provide the appropriate treatment.

Life as a couple it is not always a path paved with roses. Beyond romanticism and poetry, in a couple each fellow need more than love.
Don’t misunderstand us. Love is very important. And is one of the main elements in a good relationship recipe.

Yes, each healthy and functional couple is fueled with something more than love. Therefore, for a great live in couple, values such: the commitment, dedication, sacrifices, communication and all the things and actions that lead and contribute to create trust and loyalty between the peers are very important too.

But we know. Nothing is totally wonderful. Even those perfect couples sometimes deal with inner crisis and negative situations that distort the main goal of living in a relationship:
The happiness and realization of two people.

The fulfillment of two depends in many ways from the communication.

So couples counseling for what?

A couple counseling therapy can help to improve the communication between couples. And can bring to the relationships new opportunities and even the reestablishment of goals and projects.  
An expert in couples counseling can help to heal wounds, also open new channels of communication more effectives for the couple and the happiness of those involved in it.
Are you looking for a professional service of couple counseling? You can contact us. We are here for help you.

Despite all the things you may think about CBT based on the apparently complexity of their cocky name, the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is in fact an effective psychological treatment founded on pretty simple premises.

CBT is based on the fact that the feelings and behavior of individuals are directly related to theirs mindset, that is to say, all the thought patterns and all the things that people says to themselves (this inner conversation that people have in their minds discovered by Aaron Beck) affect theirs moods and the responses that they can give to the environment and to their peers.
In short and simplifying explanations: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy deal with the erroneous patterns of thoughts of a patient, that trigger emotional and behavioral problems and other related issues, like addictions or substances abuse.

So with CBT it’s possible to treat emotional and behavioral disorders with a strong mind root such as:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Bipolar and related personality disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, orthorexia nervosa)
  • Panic disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress (PTSD)
  • Tics
  • Traumas.
A competent therapist applying CBT can save a patient from deal with prescription drugs and other invasive ways of treatment. If you need psychological treatment we can offer the best specialized assistance.

Also know as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychotherapy or psychological intervention with a psychosocial approach. Ergo CBT studies at individuals taking into consideration the environment and the social aspects that exert big influence in the psyche and behaviors.
CBT therapy aims solve specific problems associated with specific mental disorders. Such as: 
·         Depression
·         Anxiety
·         Addictions
·         Eating disorders
·         Post-traumatic stress
·         Tics

CBT therapy – History and principle

An American psychiatrist named Aaron Beck invented the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the 60’s. Beck combined principles from the behavioral psychology and the cognitive psychology.  

One of most powerful principles that Beck discovered and is an essential guide for the CBT was the link that exists between thoughts and feelings.    

This thoughts and feelings links help the therapist to finds the thoughts responsible of difficulties and issues in the reality of client.

Automatic thoughts

A very important concept for the CBT is the automatic thoughts concept.

According to Beck automatic thoughts are a kind of thinking patterns. The automatic thoughts usually were wired in the mind of the person so many years ago (in the childhood) and are the source of the behavioral problems in the adulthood.  

Free your mind of automatic thoughts contact a expert. Contact us.